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    Automatically restart process execution flow from a specific state


      Hi all,

      can anyone help me with the following problem?

      My process definition is something like this: 'STATE A' --> 'NODE 1' --> 'NODE 2' --> 'STATE B'.

      'NODE 2' is querying a DB to retrieve some information. If the DB system is not available, an exception is thrown and JBPM takes the execution flow back to 'STATE B', and this works fine.

      My problem is that I want to automatically leave the node 'STATE A' after a fixed timed period, let's say 10 seconds. Is this possible?

      I've tried adding a 'node-enter' event on the node 'STATE A' but it seems like it's not fired when the exception is thrown.

      I'm using JBPM3.2.8 on JBOSS5.1.


      Thank you in advance for any suggestion.