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    Server error 403 when accessing a page without access

    Dwarakanathan Thiru Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have recently joined JBoss portal community and I am looking forward for a great working experience here.


      I have setup my portlets, instances and objects in the xml files. Where one of my page has VIEW access for a specific user role.

      If I try to access the page with a different user ( who does not have access), I get a 403 error.


      I verified that the page say "Mypage-News" which has a view access to User role "NewsUser", is associated to the parent page "main".

      This "main" has VIEW action. If i set it up to "VIEWRECURSIVE", I get the "Mypage-News", But still I can prohibit the non-users to see my INSTANCE by setting the security at the instance level.


      Please help me on resolving the 403 error issue. Do we get this error if we dont have an access to the PORTAL PAE we are requesting?