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    Why do my EJB method invocations hang at the server without executing any of the bean code?

    Byron Hawkins Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm having problems with bean method invocations when I run JBoss on Windows in a DOS prompt. Here's what I do:


      1. Start the server with run.bat
      2. Connect clients to a pair of stateful session beans and repeatedly execute some trivial bean methods


      After a few bean methods are executed successfully, the invocations start to hang. Once the hang begins, all attempts to execute any bean methods will hang. The strange thing is that when I press "ctrl-c" in the DOS prompt, I see one SocketException for each hung method invocation--and this not only releases the hung clients, but clears the hang altogether so that clients can once again execute bean methods. Of course, it is only a matter of minutes before invocations start to hang again, and I have to press "ctrl-c" again to release the stuck callers.


      It seems like this must be some kind of ultra-newbie problem. When I run JBoss inside of Eclipse this problem never occurs. Can someone please help me understand what is happening here? Thanks for your help.