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    Socket Remoting tuning

    hira sirojudin Newbie
      Hi All,
      Could Anyone kindly tell me how to configure jboss socket remoting in the best way.
      currently i just got connected socket clients till 27K and this still far away from my bozz expectation.
      by ejb3 remoting setting such below,
      <!-- A socket transport parameter -->
      <entry><key>enableTcpNoDelay</key> <value>false</value></entry>
      <entry><key>maxPoolSize</key> <value>1000</value></entry>
      <entry><key>socketTimeout</key> <value>100000</value></entry>
      <entry><key>backlog</key> <value>10000</value></entry>
      <entry><key>clientMaxPoolSize</key> <value>1000</value></entry>
      <!--entry><key>timeout</key> <value>120000</value></entry-->
      <!--entry><key>invokerdestructiondelay</key> <value>5000</value></entry-->
      fyi, i run ejb3 in jboss 5.0 and client socket behaviour was one client invoker - multiple clients
      Thanks for your cooperation,