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    "error: mail template not found" preventing deployment. Bug?

    Charles Aznavour Newbie

      Hi all,


      we have deployed multiple version of a process with the same key. After deployment, we suspend all but the latest deployment of a process to ensure only one active version of a process (if running instances exists, we migrate them).


      Now, we´ve removed an old mail template used in an old process definitions (it´s not used in the still active definition, it´s in a version "some deployments ago").


      We encounter the message "error: mail template not found" which prevents deployment.


      I´ve done some debugging and it seems that in class ProcessDeployer the method checkKey loads all existing process definitions for a specific key. During the initialization of the ProcessDefinition object the exception occurs.


      How is it supposed to work? Maybe it should only search for still active ProcessDefinitions in the checkKey method? Is probably the jpdl parser too strict here, because the parser seems fine with old processes having usercode defined that also doens´t exist anymore (assignmenthandler classes for example)?


      Thanks for your help,