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    Variables types / String too large for column

    Charles Aznavour Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I´ve the following problem with the variables types in JBPM 4.4: When we store a large String as process variables, we get a hibernate exception during the saving. As far as I can see, the String is simply too large for the target column. It´s defined as VARCHAR2(255).


      We currently use a serializable container object to store only one String value in it. That way it´s put in the JBPM_LOB table, everything is fine. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to deal with it?


      If not, we will be forced to always use container objects as the content of variables is dynamic and can be of arbitrary size.


      Btw, we use the same trick to deal with Hibernate objects. We have unsaved Hibernate objects we want to pass along as process variables. Seems trivial, but doesn´t work, because jbpm tries to save only the it´s id as a reference to this object (leading to an exception in our case). That´s annoying and we´re also using a container object here. Again, it works but doesn´t feel good.


      Fiddling around with the types.xml would feel even worse ;-) Any options?