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    help with rich:editor and LoadScriptStrategy NONE


      Hi All,


      I'm having some issues using the rich:editor tag with LoadScriptStrategy set to NONE.  Using rich:editor with other LoadScriptStrategy settings works fine, but with NONE the various tinymce themes and plugins don't work. I'm guessing that the tinymce/* directories aren't getting packaged into the ui.pack.js and framework.pack.js files... I tried moving the various .js files etc. being requested (checked with firebug) into my project as a workaround. This worked except that the various .xcss stylesheets in */themes/advanced/skins/richfaces are requested as .css by the browser, which results in a not found error, and the editor doesn't render correctly on the page.


      Has anyone had success with the rich:editor tag with the NONE strategy or anyone have any suggestions?