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RHQ agent failed to start

derek lee Newbie

Hi, all


my rhq agent failed to start.


my os is window.

the following is the log





2010-08-11 09:32:32,187 ERROR [main] (jboss.remoting.transport.socket.SocketServerInvoker)- Error starting ServerSocket.  Bind port: 16163, bind address: /
2010-08-11 09:32:32,187 ERROR [main] (org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector)- Error starting connector.
java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketBind(Native Method)
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.bind(PlainSocketImpl.java:359)
at java.net.ServerSocket.bind(ServerSocket.java:319)
at java.net.ServerSocket.<init>(ServerSocket.java:185)
at javax.net.DefaultServerSocketFactory.createServerSocket(ServerSocketFactory.java:169)
at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.SocketServerInvoker.createServerSocket(SocketServerInvoker.java:264)
at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.SocketServerInvoker.start(SocketServerInvoker.java:193)
at org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector.start(Connector.java:324)
at org.rhq.enterprise.communications.ServiceContainer.setupServerConnector(ServiceContainer.java:1226)
at org.rhq.enterprise.communications.ServiceContainer.start(ServiceContainer.java:550)
at org.rhq.enterprise.communications.ServiceContainer.start(ServiceContainer.java:468)
at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.startCommServices(AgentMain.java:2110)
at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.start(AgentMain.java:624)
at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.main(AgentMain.java:406)
i checked the port, the port 16163 is not used, it's very confused about the address:/ i do not know where the address come from.
can anybody give any suggestion?
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    mazz Master

    >it's very confused about the address:/ i do not know where the address come from.


    It came from what you told it :-) When you first start the agent (or if you start the agent with --cleanconfig), it will ask you some questions. The second question it asks you is for the hostname or IP address that it will listen to for incoming messages from the server:


      Agent Hostname or IP Address [!*] :


    If you just hit "enter" and accept the default, the agent will look at your machine and take the first IP address it can find that identifies your machine - if you have more than one (for example, if you have hardwire and wireless network adapters, or if you are on a private VPN as well as a home network), you are not guaranteed it will pick the one you want but you can  answer this question with an explicit hostname or IP address to be sure.


    If you enter "!?" at this prompt, you get this help text, which hopefully helps you:


    The hostname or IP address the agent will bind to in order to
    listen for incoming messages. Usually, you will want to leave this undefined so
    the agent picks up its default local IP address as it is currently configured
    in the operation system. If, for some reason, the operating system default IP
    address is not the one you want to use, then you can set an explicit value
    here. Realize that if you do this, and the agent later changes its assigned IP,
    you must reconfigure the agent to use the new IP; otherwise, the agent will not
    be able to communicate with the server.


    As for the address,  you are probably connected to a network router (perhaps a wireless router at home?) and that is the IP address that was assigned to your machine by the router's DHCP server.

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    derek lee Newbie

    Thank john.


    just as you say, i start the agent with --cleanconfig.


    it run.


    Thanks again.