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    Jboss with apache as reverse proxy ( context root issue)

    Didier De roy Newbie

      Hello all,


      Here is the situation:

      For a client who is runing jboss 4.2.0 i set apache as a reverse proxy so that his application should be avalable externally from the web.

      But when trying to access his web apps i get a 404 error from jboss.

      For example: the url is: http://www.clientname.eu/be/symreporting  this url directs to the server who is runing apache and jboss. To do so they use Novel Access Manager.

      One of there webapps is called Portal which internally can be accesed with http://servername:8082/Portal.

      Now the problem is when accessed externally using the apache is see for the same webapp this error (using this url: http://www.clientname.eu/be/symreporting/Portal)

      http error 404 /be/symreporting/Portal


      I tried changing the context root in the web.xml of the web app to /be/symreporting/Portalbut this doesn't help.


      Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking of using the mod_rewrite with apache to remove the /be/symreportingbut i want to check if there is not a more easy solution in jboss for this problem?