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    Javassist 3.12.1.GA maven repository checksum error

    Andy Blower Newbie

      I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this, but it’s the closest I could find. Please let me know if there’s a more appropriate place to ask for help with this.


      I'm trying to migrate our application to Tapestry 5.2, but I'm getting a checksum error with Javassist 3.12.1.GA which is a dependency.


      C:\tmp>fciv -sha1 javassist-3.12.1.GA.jar

      526633327faa61aee448a519e8a4d53ec3057885                  javassist-3.12.1.ga.jar







      Anyone else had this problem? I looked at 3.9.0.GA as used by Tapestry 5.1 and that is fine from the same repository. So is this a mistake in the checksum or am I doing something wrong? Should I be using a different repository? I’ve checked the following:


      http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/javassist/javassist/          - only up to 3.8.0.GA

      http://repository.jboss.org/maven2/javassist/javassist/     - only up to 3.11.0.GA

      https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/                                - only 3.13.0 on here it seems




      Andy Blower.