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    date entered ManualInput on Calendar Component: Calendar component not able to recognize the manually entered date then how to display the date in different format or pattern??


      Hai guys,


      I have a form inside i have a calendar component; I am able to select the date and  print on the text field with whatever pattern i want ;

      Now i want to use Manual Input so i wrote: EnableManualInput="true"  so i cam manually able to enter the date on the text field and after press enter key or onblur i want to change the pattern of the entered date ; It is not at all recognizing the date that i have entered below the case :


      I have entered date like(20102011) onblur or onEnterkeypress, i want to display the date like  (20-Oct-2010),  but its giving me the error like unable to process the entered date (or ) unable to understand the date which i have entered or not able recognizing the date entered.


      Can anybody get me actually how to achieve that functionality?????