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    How to create single consumer queues using embedded HornetQ


      I need to send data refresh requests to 10000 clients. One request must be reveived by one client only.  I have been planning to use HornetQ as the server and STOMP as the  protocol.


      What would be the best way to create (without configuration files)  10000 queues and allow only one specific user to access one queue?


      I have browsed the documentation but I still have unclear subjects:


      • If I create 10000 queues, do I also have to create 10000 roles and  10000  wild cards (for queue names) and assign one role to each user?
      • When using embedded HornetQ (without IoC), how do I specify who can access which queue (without configuration files)? Is it possible to modify this information "on the fly"?


      Is 10000 queues feasible, or should I look at some other way? Number of messages per minute would be low, maybe just a couple of messages.


      Is there a hard limit or recommendation how many queues one can create using one HornetQ istance?


      P.s. It would be great if you could provide javadocs of all HornetQ's classes in your website.