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    Auto update war on different servers

    Cvetelin Andreev Newbie



      I have a web application (war) running on jboss as 5.1.0. The bussiness model is that every client has running jboss as with deployed war file. What I want is when a new version of the war file is available every war file to be automatically updated so all the clients will have the newest version.


      Is there any ready to use system for this purpose?


      I read about clustering and farming, but the farming service doesn't work for me: First I have to build a cluster, which could not be possible if the instance of jboss is behind NAT and second all the war files will be undeployed if somebody deletes the war file from the farm directory.


      I can bulid such system by my own and if so, is there any jboss services I can use to make it easily (like JMX to cause remote redeploy).