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    HHH-3766, HHH-5371, HHH-5499: Can I help?

    Erik-Berndt Scheper Newbie



      I'd very much like to see the following Envers issues fixed in the upcoming Hibernate 3.6 betas:

      • HHH-3766 (and its duplicates, HHH-3709 and HHH-5372): if the end-revision column is available, it should be used in envers queries
      • HHH-5371 (add a timestamp of the end-revision, to allow partioning of audit tables)
      • HHH-5499 (extend AuditReader interface with findRevisions() method)


      For each of these issues, a patch has already been suggested that fixes the issue. However, none of these patches have been implemented in the current trunk.


      I'd really like to help with these issues, if at all possible. But I don't know where to start, because there are no comments on these patches, currently.

      Of course, I could provide extra test-cases if necessary. Or I could update the patches with any suggestions you have to improve them, etc.