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    Configuration for remote queues from an MDB.




      I Have an MDB that need to connect to a remote Queue (I mean located in a different JVM than the MDB) with HornetQ.


      I tried:

      1. A direct connection using the JCA adapter
      2. Through a core-bridge


      In both cases I could make it works but in term of configuration it is not the same:


      1. For each remote connections I need to create a RAR that contains the definition on where are located the Queues (in my case The Queues are in an homogeneous cluster so I use the DiscoveryAddress and DiscoveryPort config-property)

        Then I need to inform my MDB about the "resource-adapter-name" that I previously configured.

        If I had another MDB that connect to others remote Queue, could I reuse the same rar to connect to those queues ?

        I know that I can overwrite the values defined in the RAR (DiscoveryAddress and DiscoveryPort) by defining the "activation-config-property" on my MDB, but that means the MDBs or Deployment Descriptors need to be changed. Is there another way to overwrite the values defined in the RAR ?

      2. The core-bridge is not a bidirectional bridge: It can only do push and not pull (correct ?). So that means I have to configure the bridge on the Queue side which is not always a comfortable situation when the remote Server is managed by another team...

        Moreover in term of configuration it is difficult to industrialize the soluion because of "https://community.jboss.org/message/560246".



      Does it exist another approach ?
      Which one would you recommend ?