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    update rowkey?


      I have a contextMenu and a rich:extendedDatatable..all works.

      I have a menuItem:

      <rich:menuItem value="Change" ajaxSingle="true" action="#{myBean.change(row)}" reRender="showRows"/>

      <rich:extendedDataTable id="showRows" ...>

      How can I reRender only the row, which was changed instead of all rows (the whole datatable) ?? Is it possible?

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          Yes concrete cells reRendering could be implemented for our data iteration components. Read about ajaxKeys attribute for data components. Also please check a4j:repeat richfaces-demo page.

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            I have a one questions about


            listBean.list must be a Set containing only Strings (am I right?).
            What Strings should I take? Strings from my Objects or ID's ?

            I have no ID for my rows, only for my columns:

            <rich:column id="rowID">

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              It should be filled with rowKeys. Just simple Integers by default.

              Please visit the link in my signature and checkout the sources for richfaces-demo in order to check how it works.