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    ModeShape Standalone

    Hung Tu Newbie

      Hi there,


      I wonder whether ModeShape has a standalone version like Jackrabbit. It would be easier for newbie like me to test the application. I have a question about remote access. Let's say I have 2 Computers: a client and a server. Then how should I configure, that I have a repository on the server (IP: and from a client computer I can upload or download files. Thanks in advance.





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          Randall Hauch Master

          No, we do not have a standalone server. I understand how that would be much easier for people to test out and use, but it really isn't a practical deployment mechanism, is it? Plus, the committers have been focused on other things.


          The easiest way to upload and download files is to use the WebDAV service, which is a WAR file that can be deployed to an app server or servlet container. It does can be deployed as is, though you'd need to configure your app server a bit. (See our Reference Guide for details.) Once that's set up correctly, you can just mount that WebDAV service as a network share to your file system.


          Alternatively, you could use the RESTful service, but we don't yet have a client application you can use out-of-the-box.


          Hope this helps!

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            Hung Tu Newbie

            Hi Randall,


            thanks you for your kind answer. I have set up the WebDAV service like guided in the "Referecne Guide". ModeShape is successfully deployed. But I have some other problems.


            First it said under Tomcat "access denied", so I add Read/Write right for the role "connect" in Tomcat. Is it possible to define a user, his role and password. After that, i can browse the content of the repository. But it 's just a website, i can neither download the files nor mount the WebDAV service as a network share.