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rich:fileUpload issue with FileName containing space before extension

Manish Bhatia Newbie

Have been using rich:fileUpload , works perfectly fine. I have a strange issue, if the File contains space just before the extension it does not work.


eg: "Test File .pdf" will not work, but if I rename the file to "Test File.pdf" works perfectly fine.


Does not give any error, but the file upload dialogue does not recognize it, and does not display Upload button


I see the same issue with on rich face demo page as well.



Setting allowFlash="true" works with this file name, but I don't want to use that, as users browser might not support flash

This is my configuration . Any help will be highly appreciated


<rich:fileUpload styleClass="RFloat"  
addControlLabel="Add File..." 
id="upload" immediateUpload="false" acceptedTypes="pdf" 
allowFlash="false" listHeight="70" autoclear="false" 
maxFilesQuantity="1" ajaxSingle="true">