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    has anybody deploy CAS 3.4 on JBoss5 successfully ?


      recently, i'm struggling for deploying jasig CAS 3.4.2 on JBoss 5.1.0 GA.


      however, i can't deploy it successfully on JBoss5, the main reason is some jar libraries in war file conflict to the libraries in %JBOSS_HOME%\common\lib.


      i tried to put a jboss-classloading.xml file in WEB-INF, make the class loader of the war file isolated, but still not working, the log4j will stop working after loading the log4j.xml.

      if i remove the jboss-classloading.xml file from WEB-INF, the classess will conflict and cannot deploy.


      if anybody has the same problem like me and you have already solved it, please tell me how to do, i really have no idea about this.


      appreciate for your helping.