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    Rename context-root of JBoss ESB

    David Fleeman Newbie

      When I deploy a service as a WAR, I can provide the jboss-web.xml file where I overwrite the URL by definining a context-root tag (e.g., if my war is named my-service-1.0.0.war, I can use context-root to control the WSDL URL to be my-service without having the version on the end).  Anyone know how to accomplish this same behavior with an ESB deployment?  My service has this URL:




      The desired URL has the version number removed:




      I've tried dropping a jboss-web.xml file into the deployment without luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          David Fleeman Newbie

          FYI - it appears there is no easy way to do this yet, but there is a JIRA ticket for it.  Not sure of number.  Once suggested way to do this was to use essentially rewrite rules, but that would take extra management and not be easy for deployment for our deployment group.  We went with the approach of simply renaming the esb file to be checklist-service.esb instead of checklist-service-1.0.0.esb when we are requesting new deployment.  Not as clean as having a jboss-web.xml file, but not terrible.