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    How do I add my own policy combining algorithm?

    Brian Krisler Newbie

      I am currently walking the code, but figured I would see if the question could get answered before I find a solution.


      I have a custom policy combining algorithm that I am trying to add to my PDP.


      From the SunXACML documentation, it should be as simple as:


      CombiningAlgFactory factory = CombiningAlgFactory.getInstance();
      factory.addAlgorithm(new PermitOrDenyRuleAlg());
      factory.addAlgorithm(new PermitOrDenyPolicyAlg());


      However I can not figure out where to place that code.


      I tried to add it to my PDP creation block:


      private PolicyDecisionPoint getPDP() throws PrivilegedActionException {

        CombiningAlgFactory factory = CombiningAlgFactory.getInstance();

        factory.addAlgorithm(new MySpecialAlg());

        ClassLoader tcl = SecurityActions.getContextClassLoader();

        InputStream is = tcl.getResourceAsStream(this.policyConfigFileName);

        if (is == null)

          throw new IllegalStateException(policyConfigFileName + " could not be located");

        return new JBossPDP(is);



      However this does not work. When I try to deploy, I get an unknown algorithm error.


      Thanks for any help.  If I figure it out before a reply, I will post the solution.