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    Use Apache mod_proxy or mod_rewrite to redirect to jboss por


      I'm having trouble fronting my instance of Jboss Portal V.2.6 with Apache Http Server. I downloaded and installed the portal bundled with Jboss AS.

      There are two issues:

      1. I can successfully redirect to the portal using mod_proxy and/or mod_rewrite to get to the portal under port 8080 but there are no images or decorations on the portal once it paints in the browser. It's just text. This is really ugly. When I use localhost:8080 it's beautiful!

      2. When I click the Login, Dashboard, Admin etc links I get an error because the links have port 8080 hard coded in them. I can edit the URL in the browser to take out the :8080 and then it works (in ugly text format mentioned in issue 1 above) until I click another one of the links like Admin Dashboard etc. Then it breaks again because:8080 is back in the hard coded link.

      Can some one please tell me how to get around these two items. It is important that I continue to use Apache to front the portal because there are other applications that use this instance of Apache.

      Thanks in advance!