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    Cycling between 2 tasks

    Jaber C. Mourad Novice



      I need to implement a process with a possible cycle :

      task A is validate -> task B

      but we want to go again to the task A form a transition from the task B...


      I have created the process like that :


      <start name="start1" g="119,16,48,48">
            <transition name="to fill_form" to="fill_form" g="-87,-24"/>
      <task name="fill_form" g="97,96,92,52" form="the_form">
            <transition name="to_manager_acceptance" to="manager_acceptance" g="-137,-24"/>
         <task name="manager_acceptance" g="97,96,92,52" form="acceptance_form">
            <transition name="to_form_validation" to="final_validation"/>
            <transition name="form_more_info" to="fill_form"/>
            <transition name="form_cancel" to="cancel1"/>


      Is it possible to make that ?