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    Problem locating war file for BRMS/Guvnor install

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      Following the below steps there should be atleast one file with name drools-jbrms.war or guvnor.way.  From reading web references the file should be drools-guvnor-5.1.0.war.  I was not able to locate any such file from the zip file.   Where is the needed .war file to install the BRMS/Guvnor?


      From the download page (link is below), I downloaded the Drools Guvnor, 5.1 Version (Guvnor, web based BRMS (WAR)) 57MB file.


      Installing the BRMS/Guvnor

      Open http://www.jboss.org/drools/downloads.html in your web browser and look for the 'Drools BRMS' download section). This may have been renamed to Guvnor/version 5 by the time that you read this. In general, take the latest available version.

      Download this file to a place that you will remember. Once the download has completed, extract (unzip) these files to a temporary folder it should contain at least one file, with the name drools-jbrms.war or guvnor.war.

      Copy this .war file to the JBoss deploy directory. If you followed the same directory name as I did when installing JBoss, this should be C:\software\jboss\jboss-5.0.0.Beta4\server\default\deploy (that is, [wherever-you-installed-jboss]\server\default\deploy).

      Make sure that JBoss is running. (If it isn't, start it as per the previous step by clicking on run.bat.)



      Any help would be greatly appreicrated.

      Thank you.