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    Flags and deadlock detection

    Erik Salter Newbie

      I was playing around some cache configurations with 4.2.0.ALPHA2, and I encountered a strange scenario.


      I have a pool of keys that I use the "cache.withFlags( ZERO_LOCK_TIMEOUT ).lock( key )" construct.  The idea is if I can't acquire a key, I move to the next one in the list.  Works well, especially with the changes made to the 4.2 branch.


      However, I used this where the <default/> tag had deadlock detection enabled.  In this case, no lock could ever be acquired, even on a single node environment. 


      Now obviously, the above implementation doesn't need DLD and a workaround exists, but I'm curious as to if this is expected behavior.  If this is (given how DLD works), can such a configuration be flagged?