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    Impossible to get group tasks paged and ordered


      Hi everybody,

      I need to get  the group tasks for which a user is candidate in a manner ORDERED e  PAGED, so the API findGroupTasks is not sufficient.

      Therefore, I have replaced findGroupTasks() with the following code:


               taskList = getTaskService().createTaskQuery()
                  .page(startRow, maxResults)


      The problem is that the resulting list is not ordered.

      By  debugging jBPM sources, I've found that the problem is in the class  org.jbpm.pvm.internal.query.TaskQueryImpl within the method


      public String hql()


      Here the ORDER BY clause is added only if I'm not searching for Candidate. The original code is the following:



      if (candidate == null && !count)



      Why in your opinion is there such a condition?

      How can I do to obtain an ordered and paged list for a candidate user?


      Thanks you in advance,