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    TatleTale issue TTALE-118


      I am planning on working on issue TTALE-118 but would like to get some feed back on my approach before starting. The approach would be to provide an option to turn report types on or off. Initially the two report types would be HTML and PDF. Reports would be written to the same directories as the html is currently being written to. The html would be produced witrh the current code. The PDF reports would be created by producing XSL-FO xml and then using Apache FOP to produce the PDF report. The XSL-FO xml would be produced even if PDF reports were not on. Attached are an XML-FO xml file and the PDF that was generated from it. The .FO file was created with an editor from one of the html reports in order to verify that approach is feasible.


      Who would I submit changes to and what is the best format for submitting changes?


      Any feed back would be appreciated

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          Ideally all formats (.HTML, .PDF, ...) should be generated from the same format (.XML) and then converted into the output formats enabled.


          So something like


          1) .XML -> .HTML

          2) .XML -> .FO -> .PDF


          You should use "svn diff > ttale-118.patch" for your submissions. Please run "ant checkstyle" to keep the formatting.