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    IE 9 support for Richfaces 3.x branch

    gonzalad Apprentice



      Does Richfaces team plan to support IE 9 browser with Richfaces 3.x branch (releasing a 3.3.4 release if needed for IE 9 support) ?

      Or do you plan to support IE 9 only with Richfaces 4 ?


      We are running some applications in production and need to know if we need to migrate to RF 4 to provide IE 9 support.

      The better for us would be of course to have a smooth evolution : for instance use a RF 3.3.4 (or continue with RF 3.3.3 if it's fine with IE 9) once IE 9 is final - just drop the new jar and everything is fine - , and afterwards migrate our applications with Java EE 6, Seam 3, RF 4, etc... (which will be quite a bit more work ).


      Thanks for your answer !