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    More read methods

    Dan Allen Master

      While using the ShrinkWrap API to manipulate archives in the Arquillian deployment packager, I felt a real lack of read method options on the archive types. A prime example is when I want to read the WebArchives that are contained within an EnterpriseArchive.


      My first thought was that I could use a filter to isolate the content I wanted. However, the Filter API doesn't seem to support an archive type. Perhaps it's just a matter of creating a new Filter implementation that first finds all nested archives and then passes that to the callback method for further filtering.


      I think it would also be nice to have convenience methods on EnterpriseArchive to get all the modules and the modules by type.


      Set<WebArchive> EnterpriseArchive#getModules()
      Set<WebArchive> EnterpriseArchive#getWebModules()
      Set<WebArchive> EnterpriseArchive#getEjbModules()


      Then expand this set for the absolutely core structures of the different types. Forcing everything through getContent(Filter<T>) is a touch tedious