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    EJB 3.1 and evil StaticMetamodel


      Hi all,


      Timely, Java 6 got rid of XML through Annotation and stuff. As a Weld / CDI user I love it. After searching Google I don't find many people complaining about @StaticMetamodel. The new way to describe your meta-model. This doesn't seem thought through from my perspective, since most meta data is already described. What's the point and why do I have to re-constitute my data model in order satisfy CriteraBuilder.


      Am I on the wrong track here?


      What's the point? This to me seems like a wrong path, as it's in the code, already!?


      How come I get have to move from bloated XML code to bloated Annotated code?






      PS! Why not make a way to encompass anomalies of already existing code.