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    Dynamic Deployment  of a jar within a EAR/WAR


      For development purposes, I want to be able to "hot" deploy a jar within my EAR (The jar is contained in the WEb-INF/lib of the WAR within this EAR). The creation of the ear is a very complicated process and most times we are justchanging this jar.


      I have deployed the app in the exploded format (in the deploy dir and tried various things to no avail. I have to restart the server for jboss to pick up these changes.


      1) I tried replacing the jar (in web-inf/lib) and touching both and either of web.xml and application.xml. I get an error indicating "deployment failed" if the contents of the jar have changed

      2) I tried using JMX by undeploying the app first, then copying the jar and deploying again. I get the same error.


      We use Jboss 4.2. Any ideas?