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    JBoss Messaging moved to archive?

    henk de boer Master

      I noticed that JBoss Messaging was moved to the archive section.


      I wonder why this was done, as JBoss Messaging is still used in the very latest production ready JBoss AS version (namely JBoss AS 5.1). This might be difficult for people trying to get a question answered about messaging in JBoss AS 5.1.


      Of course they can try the HornetQ forum (since HornetQ really is just the newest version of JBoss Messaging and not an entirely new product build from scratch), but then they still have to disguise the question as being HornetQ or otherwise they will be directed to the JBoss Messaging forum.

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          Libor Krzyžanek Apprentice


          it's in Archive and not in Closed category so you still can raise any question, write wiki etc regarding JBoss Messaging.

          Only projects in Closed category are read-only.





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            henk de boer Master

            Thanks for the reply Libor.


            I hear what you're saying, but still, when a forum is in archive, doesn't that send a message of being more or less deprecated? One wouldn't expect a forum about a current technology in an archive, would one?


            I know the release of JBoss AS 6 is nigh, but it's not there now. After that release, I fully would have expected JBoss Messaging to move to archive, but for the coming month (and perhaps a little longer if AS 6 is delayed) JBoss AS 5.1 really is the current version.