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    Enabling JAX-RS in a maven seam project

    Lars Bohl Newbie

      I'm trying use jboss tools 3.1.1.GA to create a maven seam project with JAX-RS support. After the database connection setup dialog, a dialog labeled "JAX-RS Capabilities" appears (screenshot) and asks for a "JAX-RS implementation library". I'm not sure what exactly is meant and tried to point it to different jars (jboss-seam-resteasy.jar, jaxrs-api.jar and jersey-bundle-1.4.jar (screenshot)), but all I get is this message "The selected file is not a valid user library data file" (screenshot). It looks like I can skip the dialog by selecting "Disable Library Configuration", but then I get warnings about "By disabling library configuration, the user takes on the responsbility of configuring the classpath appropriately using alternate means". Any help appreciated!