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    Storing java.util.Collection on process

    Ruben Bentein Newbie

      I have a question about a best practise concerning processes with a dynamic list as a variable.


      Let's say for example i have an process which has to store 0..* objects as variables. I.e. an process B


      public class B{

           string b1;

           string b2;

           java.util.Collection<A> aCollection;



      and a class A

      public class A{

           string a1;

           string a2;



      so before calling


      executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("B-process-name", variables);


      I have to fill the variables map. But how should i add aCollection ? Should i do something like

      variables.put("b1", someBObject.b1);

      variables.put("b2", someBObject.b2);

      for (int i=0 ; i<someBObject.aCollection.size() ; i++){

           variables.put("aCollection[" + i + "].a1", aCollection.get(i).a1);

           variables.put("aCollection[" + i + "].a2", aCollection.get(i).a2);



      Or maybe there is a better/cleaner solution.

      Or should i store these object in my own tables, and just store a reference (id) on the variables list ?


      Thanks for any replies