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    How to set mutiple process variables in jpdl.xml file?

    w d Newbie

      I definited a  process,then I use script to set process variables.


      <process name="JBPM_VM" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.0/jpdl">

         <start g="147,21,48,48" name="start">

            <transition g="8,-9" name="to_jingban" to="jingban"/>


         <task assignee="#{user}" g="124,122,92,52" name="jingban">

            <transition g="11,-10" name="to_set_funID" to="Set fuhe FunctionID"/>


         <script name="Set fuhe FunctionID"

           expr = "F05030700651"

           var = "FUNC">

           <transition g="11,-10" name="to_fuhe" to="fuhe"/>


         <task assignee="teacher" g="125,218,92,52" name="fuhe">

            <transition name="to_end" to="end" g="436,263:-59,-17"/>


         <end g="39,442,48,48" name="end"/>



      If I want to set more variables in script name="Set fuhe FunctionID",then.....how to do ?


      Anybody can help me ?


      thanks all!