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    External Login Page to JSF/Spring-Webapplication

    piebue Newbie



      I have two difference sites. The first is a external login page with simple HTML formular. The other site is a login page of a webapplikation with JSF and Spring. I want to login from the first site to the webapplication.


      Here my HTML formular from the first site:


      <form name="sociato_login_formular" method="post"
             <p id="login_title">Login</p>
             <input name="j_username" type="text" size="16" tabindex="1"
                   onfocus="if(value=='Benutzername')value=''" />
             <input name="j_password" type="password" size="16" tabindex="2"
                   onblur="if(value=='') value='Passwort'"
                   onfocus="if(value=='Passwort') value=''" />
             <input name="returnToUrl" value="http://www.google.de" type="hidden" />
             <p><a id="pwd_forgotten_link"
                   Passwort vergessen?
             <input name="login_button" type="submit" value="Login"
      tabindex="3" accesskey="l"></input>


      It’s works, but my problem is to capture the errors, if the user data isn’t correct. If the user data is wrong, then I come to the login-error-page of the the webapplication (JSF, Spring). But I want to redirect back to the HTML formular and a message that die user data is incorrect.


      Have anyone a idea?