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    Retrieve ExtendedDatatable Javascript Object.

    Caesar Ralf Franz Hoppen Newbie

      My english is not so good, so I apologize for any bad grammar.



      My problem is as follow: I style mypage using jQuery ui-layout (http://layout.jquery-dev.net/index.cfm). The pane is consisted of panels that can be expanded/collapsed and one of them have a extended data table. The problem is when I expand/collapse one of the panels, the layout of the table is not recalculated as it is only updated when there is a window resize. I could force the call of the window resize, but I would like better to get the extended data table object and call the appropriate methods (well, assuming that for know it would be OnWindowResize method, but preferable than calling a jQuery(window).resize() for now).


      Is there a way a can I do this?


      Thanks in advance for any help.