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    Atomikos Tx with Hibernate and JBossCache

    sonam nepali Newbie



      I am using Atomikos transaction manager with JBosscache and Hibernate.


      I  have injected java TransactionManager into the JBosscache as stated in  their documentation.  Hibernate looks up the transactionManager using  the properties configuration.



      The following is what I have for test purposes:


      1. I programatically start a Java Transaction.

      2. I do two things:

         a. I save an object into JBosscache programmatically using "put" operation.

         b. Then I call my PersonDaoImpl to save a "Person" object.

      3. Finally I commit the Java Transaction.


      Now this is what has happened according to the log file:


      1.  The object is saved in the table. I verified it in the table.

      2.   After the transaction state has entered in the "TERMINATED" state, then  the JBossCache tried to commit the changes.  However, there is no  transaction at this point.  JBossCache gives the following error:

      - Received JTA STATUS_UNKNOWN in afterCompletion()!  XA resources may not be in sync



      Can any one shed light on this?