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    Stop/Start Jboss AS

    Fábio Correia Newbie



      I have a Jboss AS version 3.2.7 running over Java 1.4.2 (Client) inside Linux 2.4.8 32-bits, the server already have a couple of year running and never gave this kind of problem.

      Usually we update jar's and wars with new updates for the services deployed by the server, but recently when we stop/start the Jboss to update the services then when starts it crash!

      We start de jboss with "run.sh" like we always do but sometimes the start process freeze for minutes for example



      00:40:12,847 INFO [org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] Reading mappings from resource: (...)Linkcontent.hbm.xml
      00:49:10,063 INFO [org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder] Mapping class: (...)Linkcontent -> linkcontent


      In this case 9 minutes when in normal cases 1 or 2 seconds to run this, after this the start process continue normally but after start process finish all jboss's thread's are busy!


      At this stage nothing work, requests give timeout, JMX, Admin Console all freeze only the remote of machine resolve the problem because shutdown.sh don't work and if we kill jboss process when we restart it the problem reappear.


      We dont found any pattern and we dont change anything that can give this kind of problem :|


      Rebooting the server every update is not exactly a solution because we can't have the service to much time down.


      Anyone know who to solve the problem or have any clue ?

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          Mahdi Rajabi Newbie

          Hi dear


          I think you have a problem in your hibernate mapping or config file, in case the existing problem in your mapping file is more probable. i think it doesn't related to Jboss AS. that's a problem in Hibernate domain.   pay attention to "org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder] Mapping class"


          Announce me if you find a solution, if that i mentioned is incorrect.



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            Peter Johnson Master

            What have you done so far to find out what is going on during that 9 minutes? What monitoring or debugging have you done?

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              Fábio Correia Newbie

              Yes i put hibernate in debug level and between these two registers it only search for dtd file to validate the

              Linkcontent.hbm.xml file nothing more.

              The strange is this only happen sometimes no always, at the level of O.S we have registered a medium/high
              iowait but no reason for that to CPU and Memory levels are normal expect for the iowait.

              Thanks for feedback
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                Peter Johnson Master

                So what you are saying is that the CPU use was not high. This probably eliminates a processing loop within Hiobernate. But there is a high iowait, which means that most likely Hibernate was waiting for something. The next thing to do is take some thread dumps during that time period to see what it is waiting on (disk, network, etc.).