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    JBoss Certified Application Administrator (JBCAA) Certification Exam

    williamuk Newbie



      Has anyone taken the above exam?


      I am interested in taking it but would like to do so without attending the associated course (JB336 JBoss Application Administrator).


      I am confident that I can master the content detailed in the study guide (http://www.europe.redhat.com/training/pdf/jbcaa-study-guide.pdf) via self study but am concerned that the exam may involve things that only the course could teach, i.e. expect the tasks to be carried out in a very specific way, etc.


      Is this concern warranted or should I be okay as long as I master the contents of the study guide?


      Any input greatly appreciated.





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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master



          I've taken the JB336 and not the exam ;-) and I have a quick look to the 'study guide'.

          I think there will be nothing involved that is only teached within the course. It depends to the interest of people within the course what part is very deep discussed and what part is only addressed.

          So I found the course topics in the study guide and if you familar with all these things the exam should not a problem.

          I suppose the exam is similar to the course practice, you will find a JBoss installation (more or less wrong configured) and you have to correct it.


          Difficult might that part which you never deal in real life with.

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            Greg Kable Newbie

            Hi William,


            I know of quite a few people who have passed the exam without taking the course.  Everything that is in the exam is mentioned in the study guide and it is all based on the available documentation.   If you have good experience with JBoss administration and you can do  everything outlined in the guide without using the Internet, you should  have no trouble with the exam.  BTW - the key phrase here is "without  using the internet".  The exam is a closed envorinment so you can't rely  on external help like Google or these forums.


            I would stilll recommend that you take the course if  you can - it gives you a concentrated update on the skills and knowledge  needed to administer Jboss as well as giving you four days away from  work to study and prepare for the exam.  You definitely don't need the  course but it does help.