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    Configure JBoss' default startup timeout through Arquillian?

    Michael Schuetz Novice

      Hi to all,


      I need to configure JBoss' default startup timeout.


      I did find following posts:


      It mainly says:
      Increasing server startup timeout
      By default jboss-test's <server:start> task waits for 120 secs for the server to start up.
      If you're server config takes more than 120 sec to startup with additional services deployed or on a really slow system you can override the server startup timeout by setting the jbossas.startup.timeout property.


      export ANT_OPTS="-Djbossas.startup.timeout=240"


      Would expect to find such parameter in arquillian.xml, but there is none. Is there a reason for that?


      Thanks for quick status on this.