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    JBoss 6 Final: unpacking WEB-INF\lib at starting?

    Maxym Pendyshchuk Newbie

      Just migrated from JBoss 4.2.3 to JBoss 6, and noticed that it was starting too slow. After some investigating I noticed that it unpacks all my jar files which are in WEB-INF\lib folder of war files. When I move those files to default\lib folder (application default configuration), it starts faster and everything works fine. Probably it scans my war applications to find ejb jars or whatever else... Is there any way to stop it doing that? At least at development...


      One war file is in deploy folder (with no ejb jars inside), two others are packed in ear (also without ejb-jars inside; I have only one ejb-jar deployed directly in ear)


      Thank you for any information, advice... Maybe the problem is not because of looking for ejb... Any ideas?

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