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    Loading data as-needed in tabPanel

    go_marquette Newbie

      I have a tab panel that has 6 different tabs on it. When the user logs into the application, I show the first tab which includes data retrieved from a web service. The other tabs also have information retrieved from web services.


      The problem I'm having is that the load time from the user login screen to my main screen is taking 7-10 seconds (because of the web service calls - which is another discussion for another day). What I've realized is that my tabbed panel is loading the data for every single tab when the user logs in (not when the tab is actually clicked on). What I'd like to see is the data for the first tab loaded at the time of login, and the rest of the tabs get loaded only when the user clicks on them.


      Is there a way to force the loading of data for the tab at the point that the user clicks on it? My reasoning is that I don't want to have to load data until the user actually needs it.