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    .js files not correctly deployed via JBDS / JBoss Tools

    Daniel Leighton Newbie

      We have a Seam application (deploying to JBoss EAP 5.x) structued as an exploded EAR, built through JBoss Developer Studio 3.0.


      Our issue relates to deployment to the embedded EAP server (i.e. via server, add/remove -> JBDS or JBoss Tools). When deploying, everything makes it into the EAR correctly except a series of complementary javascript files (resources of sorts, I guess) which are stored under a subfolder under Webcontent in top level web project (specifically “project/WebContent/javascript”). An example of a file name therein is "au.gov.abs.ssg.ece.ui.dataExtract.js"


      Basically, these files never get deployed into the application EAR (or actually the WAR inside the EAR). Instead we end up with an empty “javascript” folder in the deployed EAR - i.e. the individual files aren't automatically copied into the folder as you would expect.


      We can manually copy them in to the deployment, but it's a pain (and easy to forget). I can't for the life of me find any settings or differences with any other sub folder in the project which might explain why these specific files aren't getting deployed.


      FWIW, the structure of the project is as follows:

      • project
        • build
        • lib
        • src
        • Webcontent  
          • common  
          • crud  
          • img  
          • javascript   - the only folder with this issue
          • layout  
          • manualProcessing
      • project-ejb
        • ...
      • project-test
        • ...


      Any ideas at all as to why .js files wouldn't be properly copied/deployed into the exploded EAR?


      Note I've also posted this same query - with no luck as yet re responses - at