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    JBoss AS6 - HDScanner scanPeriod?

    Chris Kulinski Newbie

      We're upgrading to JBoss AS 6 Final and are attemping to apply some of our configuration settings from 4.x and 5.x installations. Where in JBoss 6 would I configure the scanning interval of the hot deployer?


      In previous versions, I could configure the scanPeriod of the HDScanner.  In the final release of JBoss 6, I haven't been able to locate this configuration.  There doesn't seem to be anything user-configurable in hdscanner-jboss-beans.xml.  In the default profile.xml, there's a configuration for a DefaultHDScannerFactory, but I can't determine how to configure that object with a scanPeriod.  Looking at the source, I don't see an ability to configure that object    It looks like I'd need to configure a Scanner to pass into registerScanner() in order to set the scanPeriod.


      Does anyone have advice on how to configure this option?  Is it still supported in JBoss 6?