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    jBPM5 issues? Please raise them in JIRA!


      Hello all,


      I see that lots of discussion has broken loose with the jBPM5 releases lately. Godd stuff!


      I would really like to see you all raising issues instead of just posting to the forums. There are lots of good things being uncovered, things that need to be fixed, or things that could be better or just plain feature requests you have based on what you can't do. These are awsome but will be lost and go undocumented if you do not add them to the targeted releases as Jira issues, so here is the gentle reminder and link to the JIRA roadmap which is a starting point for you add your issues, bugs and feature requests to the right versions you are using (jBPM5 Alfa or jBPM5 CR1 for now):






      It can't be possible that there are no issues for the last two releases!?! ;-)


      Thanks again, erics