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    Jboss Cache Replication Issues in Weblogic 10.3

    sundar Raman Newbie



      We have 2 nodes (MS1, MS2) configured in a clustered mode (separate machines) in weblogic server (10.3) and we are testing for replication.

      The 2 nodes are coming up properly and joining the cluster as far as we can verify from weblogic logs.

      The problem is that changes to the cache is not getting replicated between the nodes.
      I have attached the configurations we are using below and logs from the UDP and jGroup.


      Is there any way to debug the cache replication issue? Since we are setting this up for the first time, any help would be appreciated.



      Following are the version used :- 

      JGroups version: 2.6.13.GA  

      Jboss- Cache 3.2.5 GA