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    ModeShape Git repository is open for business


      The ModeShape project's official source code repository is now at GitHub: http://github.com/ModeShape/modeshape


      We will be adopting the Fork+Pull method of development. The basic idea is that you create a GitHub account and fork the "official" ModeShape repository on GitHub, to which you'll push the commits with your proposed changes. You then generate a pull-request describing your proposed changes, and the ModeShape lead developers will review your changes and pull them into the "official" repository.


      This process is described briefly at the bottom of the http://github.com/ModeShape/modeshape page, and includes the various commands that you'll use.


      The ModeShape Development Workflow page has a bit more detail, while the Infinispan and GitHub is a very detailed explanation of how to use GitHub (you'll just have to change the Infinispan references to ModeShape).


      If there are any questions, please ask in this thread. We'll hopefully improve the documentation in the coming days and weeks. And to learn more about Git, we recommend the following resources: