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    jbpm5 not able to run multiple instances of a process

    ritesh adval Newbie

      I ran the sample tests in jbpm-bpmn2 source directory to test if multiple process instance can be run where each instance is not yet finished. It is not working for me. What I observed is that each new instance of a process is getting 1 as the process instance id?


      This is what I did:


      (1) I configured persistence.xml to use mysql.

      (2) I start an instance of process (BPMN2-EventBasedSplit.bpmn2) by running testEventBasedSplit() of org/jbpm/bpmn2/StandaloneBPMNProcessTest, and run it till just before sending Yes signal.

      (3) I create another instance of above process and do the same as step (2),


      So at this point there should be two process instance which are not yet completed.What I am observing is that two process instance in PROCESSINSTANCELOG have same process instance id. I tried creating one session StatefulKnowledgeSession with two instance and they are getting same instance id.


      So when I recreate StatefulKnowledgeSession by using existing sessionid of database, I only get one process instance from the api which returns list of process instance.


      Other thing I have noticed is that PROCESSINSTANCEINFO is always empty and no row is inserted there, could this be an issue?


      I was able to configure history log to start saving , NODEINSTANCELOG, variable and PROCESSINSTANCELO, I am not sure why PROCESSINSTANCELOG is empty?


      Maybe I am missing something, I am new to jbpm and trying to evaluate if we should use jbpm5 or stick to jbpm4.4 for sometime.