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    My Application stops working


      Hi all,

      I'm working in My Eclipse 8.6.1 using JSF 1.2 and richfaces 3.3.3. I'm using internet explorer 8. The problem is that my application stops working occassionaly with no error logs in Tomcat and no error messages what so ever. I can click on the links but they wouldn't open.

      I got some help from this http://community.jboss.org/message/525803#525803, and changed from richfaces 3.3.2 to 3.3.3 to avoid this problem but still its not working. Can any one please suggest what could be the problem? Also can i see the event log of richfaces ?

      Thanking in anticipation

        • 1. My Application stops working

          client activities log could be checked using a4j:log component.


          If not helps provide the code.

          • 2. My Application stops working

            Thanks for the quick response. but can you please tell me what could be the issue that application stops working as internet explorer goes through the same 'interactive' state.

            Is there still a problem with richfaces 3.3.3. as my application stops responding and it also does not appear constantly and not on a specific scenario.. i have been constantly monitoring this issues but i couldnt track it neither there is a specific pattern on which application stops working nor there is any error log in logs directory.

            • 3. My Application stops working

              I came across this exception, after i clicked on a link in application several times simultaneously

              'document.body' is null or not an object  framework.pack.js, line 5745 character 1

              Any idea or suggestion will be appreciated, Thanks

              • 4. My Application stops working

                Now i got this exception 'Rich faces not defined' and my application stopped working. But it was mentioned that 'Rich faces not defined' is fixed in Rich faces 3.3.3.. Am i mis using rich faces 3.3.3?